Your own online shop. Easy!

Start a "real" online shop now!

When we say "real", we mean selling on a website that you own and not just on social networks or on platforms owned by another party which ask for listing fees or subscription charges yet they may leave you with nothing once they close down.

We are offering an easy and most affordable way to build your own online shop.

It's Easy!

If you think that setting-up your own online shop is a hard task with the need of a significant amount of money, time, and resources, we can make it easy for you.

Your own Website

Experience how fun and fulfilling it is to manage your own online shop, in your own space. Start learning by doing it now.

Minimal Investment

Use Opencart! It's free yet rich in features and flexible to suit your specific needs. No need to pay for listing fees or subscriptions.

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Instant Online Shop with OpenCart.

OpenCart is a great way to get an online store started. OpenCart is a dedicated open source shopping cart system for selling products online. It is free, yet has really handy features which make it very powerful and also user friendly.

Although OpenCart is known for its easy-to-use, turn-key user-interface and simple administrative controls, we understand that not everybody is a tech wizard. OpenCart still requires installation and configuration as well specific customizations to suit the needs of Philippine online shops.

With our Opencart hosting, installation and set-up service, you can get your own online shop up and running in no time. Leave the dirty difficult technical jobs to us and you get your online shop already set-up. After you customize your website with your own logos, banners, shop information, payment and shipping methods, you can add products and you are ready to start accepting orders.

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Why Choose OpenCart?

The main reason that we recommend OpenCart is its simplicity and ease of use. It's also packed with a lot of features and has high potential of converting your visitors into customers.

OpenCart Features

We recommend OpenCart because we have tried it on our own online shops for more than three years. Understanding the needs of online sellers in the Philippines, we already know how to set-up and customize OpenCart to help our fellow Filipino online sellers. We are happy to help you open your own online shop using OpenCart .

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OpenCart for Philippine Online Sellers.

Yes, you can easily download and install OpenCart on your own or have it installed by other providers but only we can provide customizations to suit the needs of online sellers in the Philippines. Local payment methods such as Gcash, Smart Money or meet-ups as well as shipping methods to local zones in the Philippines are not in default OpenCart installation and can't be easily found elsewhere.

Localized Opencart

We offer out-of-the-box OpenCart installation customized to Philippines e-commerce need. Our unique service covers setup and configuration of the following:

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Free Opencart Templates.

We gathered the best free Opencart themes available for you to choose from. For an additional cost, you may also purchase premium templates from Themeforest and we will install them for you.

We can also customize the template colors and fonts to suit your brand.

Examples of our actual work:
Teekals | Unlicool | Scent Swatch | Beauty Selection PH | Mysarisaristore | Pixel and Gretel | The Baking Warehouse

Other websites we developed (non-Opencart):
Pisojobs Microjobs Marketplace | Serbida : Serbisyong Bida | Gustomade | YumPals Food Delivery | Young Seed Preschool | ATR Multitrade | Exala Construction

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Avail of our services. The Most Affordable!

The cost-effective way of having an Opencart-powered website is to use ready-made Opencart themes (free or premium). We will take care of setting up everything for you but since we are not starting from scratch, you will be paying less.

Interested? Just fill out the form below and we will send you the details of our packages.

Send us a message.

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Or You May Do It Yourself

Are you not interested with our offer? You can do it by yourself!

DIY Opencart

  1. Register your own domain name. We recommend Namecheap for that. It's the best name registrar in our opinion.
  2. Get a web host. We recommend the affordable hosting from Namecheap or you may try Opencart hosting by A2 Hosting.
  3. Download Opencart and install it in your web host server. Namecheap and A2 Hosting offers one-click installation through Softaculous.
  4. Configure the default installation of Opencart (change currency, tax rates, regions).
  5. By default, most payment and shipping methods used in the Philippines are not included in Opencart. You may search for extensions and add-ons in Opencart Marketplace.
  6. To change the look of your Opencart shop, you may search for free templates in Opencart Marketplace or purchase premium templates in Themeforest.

If you don't have enough technical skills, you may need more help. If you avail of our offer, we can do all the steps for you. Sign-up now to know more about our offer.

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